What is Intuitive Drawing Practice and what is not:

  •  it is not just drawing;
  •  this is not a masterclass;
  •  it is not an entertainment;
  •  not an art therapy (the effects of art therapy are just a one part of IDP practice).


The intuitive drawing practice is a transforming process that transfers the practitioner from one form of being to a new, higher order, simultaneously cleansing the mind of irrelevant forms and destructive information. This is its essence and purpose.


Who will be interested: who are looking for changes, who develop in any direction (business, art, sport, life), who are interested in self-expression and self-knowledge.


Development is a change in the form of being.

From an embryo to a child, from a child to a teenager, from a teenager to a boy (girl), from a boy (girl) to a man (woman).

From rookie to master, from an ordinary employee to a manager, from a student to a teacher, from an employee to a business owner, from passive watcher to an author.


It is useless to learn something in the hope of moving to a new level of being, while remaining in the old form of yourself.

A person can read thousands of wise books, watch a lot of motivational videos, go through seminars and trainings, but stay at the same level of life.

Without changing the form of being oneself, life will not change, because life is a consequence of human being and the form he is.


People, especially in today's time, often hang in their early forms, fix themselves in them and cannot grow further, increase, move on to the next stages of development.


The intuitive drawing practice is an action in which a person throws off the fixing, inhibiting forms and moves into a new form of being himself in the direction in which he goes, grows, develops.

Intuitive drawing practice will be an interesting experience for you in any case, and a deep transformative process if you are ready to get it. 

IDP with playing the kalimba

Intuitive drawing practice: deep


First of all, you don't need to have artist's skills. Any experience you have is right and perfect. 

Duration of practice is 1,5-2 hours. We draw with pen and ink on paper, and accompany the session with music or playing the kalimba.


We provide individual classes or in a small group of 3-5 persons. 

If you are a couple or a family and want to develop, grow as a system, as a single organism, then it is better to come with the whole system, all together, even if you are more than five people.


Intuitive drawing practice is not designed like permanent. For the necessary transformations is enough 3-5 sessions

Plus, after the first session, you get the IDP technique in your own using and can use it by yourself. 

The original idea of art is that you draw yourself, and not watch how others draw, you are an active participant and involved in the artistic process.

Real art is when a person is not a spectator, but a creator. If a person is a spectator in art, then this is not art. 

In addition, art should not put to sleep, art should awaken and develop. 

Therefore Intuitive drawing practice is what art really is, it is the quintessence of art.

And one more thing, IDP is quite deep, and at the same time easy to perform. You don't need to do anything specially in this practice. Just let yourself go, and everything will come out by itself. Thus, practice liberates. And more it can be said that IDP is a process of self-knowledge.

The cost of the practice:

  • € 300 for an individual session, 
  • € 450 for two persons,
  • € 600 for a family or a company of 3-5 persons.

From IDP sessions:

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