Who we are and what we do:

We are Max and Maria, we have been doing transformational practices for 10 years and living in travel for the last 7 years.

We explore ourselves and explore the world. We are interested in change, a deeper understanding and feeling of what is happening inside and outside of us. That's why we made this site. 


We proceed from the fact that everything comes from consciousness, man is the root cause of everything.


Therefore, in our practices and research, the starting point is you. You change inside and changes outside follow. Intuitive drawing is our easiest practice for those who are looking for development and want changes.


  • If you are interested in spaces, how to create good atmosphere in your own home or any other space, how to provide good service in your business or in a hospitality establishment - welcome to read our notes Atmosphere of Spaces in English and Russian (also a slightly deeper understanding of how space and service are created, from the level of causes and primary intentions).


We are glad to welcome you once again and look forward to fruitful cooperation!

Max Arladar

author of Intuitive Drawing Practice

Maria Verina

co-author, event organizer