What makes up the atmosphere of the hospitality establishment

Components of the atmosphere

We distinguish 3 main components of the atmosphere of an establishment in the service and hospitality sector:

  1. The personnel of the institution, people;
  2. The space itself, material, physical objects: decoration, interior items, furniture, materials, lighting, visual and musical design of the space, smell;
  3. Work processes organized in this space.


Of course, the most important thing is the staff of the establishment, people. If, again, you look at the level of causes, then everything is created by a human being, everything comes from people: the owner creates the establishment, the builders create the building, the cook creates the food, the maid creates cleanliness. But man is creative not only because he creates material objects. Each person, like a kind of force field, vibrates into a space; a human being creates an atmosphere with his attention.

Therefore, negative people with negative attitudes towards life, of course, will create a bad atmosphere.
People who are positive, contented, loving their work, and with the right attitudes will radiate good waves and vibrations.

It is also worth describing what good staff means: who is in their place, is present and understands what is happening, is positive and is set for growth and development. Knowing his business, responsible for his part of the work (as a natural norm), and even better — understanding more broadly what and how works in his hotel / restaurant. Well-fed, receiving a decent attitude and decent pay, feeling his own worth, interested in what is happening and the opinions of customers, tuned in to develop his skills and the development of the company, able to think strategically and predict (the parable about a good employee). He clearly expresses his thoughts, is calm, not conflicting, ready for any kind of clients’ requests and ready to resolve them.

The most important thing is loving, interested in what he does, positive and benevolent. He wants to GIVE not only the best, but even more.

The staff of ANY high-quality service establishment should appreciate silence and do their work as quietly as possible, whether they put the dish on the table, rearrange chairs to the table or solve work issues over the phone — all this should be done gently and carefully.



A space created with love and attention to the future guest, filled with positive vibrations, decorated with pleasant images and pictures that correspond to the concept, where the interior details are thought out competently and with soul, the right music is selected, the light is pleasant to the eye, and perhaps even a unique smell is created.

Besides the design, it is very important how it is organized in terms of harmony. There are several important points here:

All this should overlap with the concept of the establishment: music, visual design, and even smell. If some of these components can be beaten by organically linking them to the concept, you will get a harmonious institution with a good atmosphere.



Here it is worth saying, first of all, that these processes are also done by people, and it is important Which this people are and How they do it: kindly, with the intention of love, observing ethics and the rules of hospitality.

And also the processes have an essence and a core: an attention must be laid in their organization, when everything is doing for the people.

To create a good atmosphere, it is important that all these components are thought out, made with love and attention and that they are in harmony with each other, they are about one thing. The creative beginning at the heart of all the components and how well and harmoniously they interact with each other, determines the harmony of the atmosphere.


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