How to create a good atmosphere

It is believed that the atmosphere is an ephemeral and indefinite phenomenon. We believe that creating a good atmosphere in the establishment is a mechanical process that can be controlled. The main thing is to understand the principle of how the atmosphere is created.


Let’s start with the definition of what the atmosphere is — it is what arises as a result of the interaction of objects in space with each other.

By space we mean here, for example, a hospitality establishment as a physical space with work processes and working personnel organized in it.
So, the nature of this interaction, as well as the nature of the objects themselves, determines the quality of the atmosphere.

The nature of the interaction is expressed in how organically the objects of space interact with each other, how well they combine, whether they conflict with each other, how much they are about one.

Let’s dwell on the objects of space in a little more detail. By objects of space, we mean not only material objects: interior items, furniture, musical and visual design, but also personnel.

Each object of space has a certain intention, this is its main idea, filling, essence. There are 2 main intentions: the Intention of Creation (growth and development) and the Intention of Destroying.

That is, if the object is of good quality, complete, clean, it has the Intention of Creation.
If the Intention of Destroying was directed at the object, it will be a destroyed object, with the intention of destruction in its essence: any broken, uncleaned objects and surfaces.


The same is with the staff (we relate the staff of the establishment to the objects of space only for an easier description of the process of creating a good atmosphere, what, of course, does not have a derogatory connotation).

Probably, no one will deny that the staff of the establishment is extremely important for creating a good atmosphere. That is, positive, friendly, present people as staff will certainly create a good atmosphere. Because such personnel as the “object” of the establishment has the Intention of Creation.

On the contrary, a negative, absent, conflicting, aggressive employee has the Intention of Destroying and is the “object” that will spoil the atmosphere.

Thus, a good atmosphere arises where the objects of space are favorable in their essence and harmoniously combine with each other. And they are also combined with the general idea of the institution itself, and here we are not talking about the concept of the institution. The general idea of any enterprise is growth and development in every sense. Growth and development are the essence of Intention of Creation.

This is the main principle of creating a good atmosphere. As we can see, a good atmosphere is not the result of fashionable design, expensive materials or large investments. A good atmosphere is the spirit of the establishment, its mood. In a favorable atmosphere both “grows by itself” and resources are added, it is enough only to remove objects that hinder and block development with a destructive intention.

The description of the atmosphere of the establishment from the point of view of intention may seem strange only at first glance; in fact, this is a description at the level of strength and real movement of energies.

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