A parable about presence and efficiency

One worker went to the master and said:
- Master! Why do you pay me only five kopecks, and to Ivan five rubles?
The master looks out the window and says:
- I see someone is coming. It seems that hay is being carried past us. Come out and take a look.
An employee came out. Stopped in again and said:
- True, sir. Like hay.
- Do you know from where? Maybe from the Semenovsky meadows?
- I do not know.
- Go and find out.
The worker went. Enters again.
- Master! Exactly, from the Semenovskys.
- Do you know whether the hay is the first or the second cut?
- I do not know.
- So go find out!
An employee came out. Comes back again.
- Master! First cut!
- Do you know, how much?
- I do not know.
- So go and find out.
He went. Came back and says:
- Master! Five rubles each.
- And do not give it cheaper?
- I do not know.
At this moment Ivan enters and says:
- Master! Hay was being carried by from the Semyonovsky meadows of the first cut. They asked for 5 rubles. Bargained for 3 rubles per cart. I drove them into the yard, and they unload there.
The master addresses the first worker and says:
- Now you understand why you are paid 5 kopecks, and Ivan 5 rubles?

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