What the atmosphere of spaces is

About the atmosphere.

The atmosphere of any space is its spirit, environment.
The atmosphere is the basis and the base, everything happens in it: in a good and favorable atmosphere everything grows by itself, in an unfavorable one it collapses (remember the theory of broken windows).

The atmosphere is physics in the literal sense, a force fieldthe relationship of objects to each other.
If these objects are in harmony with each other, then this is a favorable force field. If they contradict, then this force field is destructive.

Therefore, despite the fact that the atmosphere is a phenomenon that is felt, it is created and tuned quite materially.


About objects and their idea.

Each object has its own filling, essence, general idea. For a person, this is what intention prevails in him — constructive or destructive. For an object, this is what intention is put into it (for example, whether it is a quality material object or not, whole or with a broken integrity).

Every object, be it a person or a wardrobe, vibrates into space with what is put into it. The atmosphere is created from these internal energetic fillings of objects.

To create a good atmosphere, the predominance of the creative principle, the presence of the Idea of growth and development in all objects is important.


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