What is good service

Turn on to the maximum

I am delighted when I see how people do the highest quality service in their place and create a good atmosphere. When used to the maximum potential of spaces and man.
And it is a pity when this does not happen. A picture immediately pops into my head: I see the ideal service or environment for this place, how to do it to make it better.

It is right and natural to make the most of your opportunities and the possibilities of space.
I enjoy when the details are thought out, done well and from the heart. When some people thought and gave other people a lot of positive impressions. I think this is normal at all levels.


Do not wait for initiatives from guests

Anticipate their expectations and desires. What is called “pay attention”.
This is good service, and its most important condition is not to allow the guest to need in something. This means that what is within the ordered service must be given so that the guest does not have to lift his butt. It is right to give as much as possible.


And of course, you can foresee that very extra and make it a plus — this is a high class. It is truly an exciting experience to anticipate desires, to do better and better. “What else can I do to surprise and give a pleasant experience?”
This is a creative idea. Stream of creativity.
This is about positive experiences: when people are surprised and happy.
Absolute creativity, 100%.


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