Technique for clearing dishes by a waiter

How should a waiter take away the dishes: by the piece, is it permissible to put one plate into another, or is there no difference at all?

We believe that in order to create a good atmosphere, the waiter should be guided by the principle: as he brought in, so he took away.

Why it is important: because when he puts some plates into others, this will most likely lose the fineness. The eatery effect will appear. It is also unaesthetic.

Even if he have to go 2 times, the waiter must take away the number of plates that he could take if they were filled with food.


This preserves an individual approach, “piece work”, elegance, respect for food and guests, I would even say — respect for oneself and for space.

This is the prosperous atmosphere: the waiter brought it elegantly — carried it away in the same way, he didn’t “sag”, the quality of service did not decrease when the food was already eaten.

These are the details that ultimately define the quality of service. And pay attention to detail is, as you know, an element of good service.

With a large company and, accordingly, a large amount of dishes — of course, it will be more appropriate to use a tray. But, again, this must be done elegantly and neatly.


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