Purpose of spaces

Each space has its own specific purpose:

  • The space of the house is created for relaxation, for a comfortable stay. Also, the atmosphere of the house should correspond to the goals, objectives and priorities of the person living in it.
  • Creative and music studios, art workshops, theater spaces, yoga and meditation centers are spaces with subtle vibrations, created for creativity and development, high vibrations are activated there, and there must be a corresponding subtle atmosphere in them.
  • Offices, study rooms, conference and negotiation rooms are spaces for effective business conduct, there must be a collected calm atmosphere.
  • Sports spaces are also about efficiency, they should not have distractions, everything is focused on concentration and effective activity.
  • Hospitality establishments: hotels, guest houses, villas and other accommodation options, restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as all types of personal transfers — all this is about service and care: guests and clients should be provided with the most comfortable conditions for recreation, sports and possible business conduct.

If the space implies a combination of purposes, it should combine the appropriate functions and atmosphere.

At the same time, a balance must also be observed in all spaces: you need to take into account what people do in this space and create the appropriate conditions and atmosphere there. For example, in sports academies (where athletes not only train, but also live), one should not forget about culture and subtle details; it is also worth adding lively details to business spaces; in creative and meditation spaces, it’s worth remembering functionality in order for everything to work.

We reveal the potential of these spaces space in accordance with its purpose, bring harmony between space and the person who lives in it, acts and develops.

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